About Us

Lux (meaning "light," in Latin) was founded on the premise that construction and remodeling should not be difficult. The re-flooring process can be easy, inexpensive, and enjoyable. How so? Lux uses the latest technology and process management advances to be the most efficient, high quality, and value-added flooring company in the area

The Premise:

Lux was created from a single thought:  Why can't the re-flooring process be simplified?  Why has the industry been so complacent, and why has there been little advancement? Armani Mahoozi, the Founder and General Manager of Lux, started his career in the financial world at age 17 and quickly became the youngest stockbroker in SEC history.  He then attended the University of Virginia and graduated at the top of his class with a double concentration from the McIntire School of Commerce, where he was trained in process improvement and groomed to enter the consulting industry.  During his final year of Business School, an in-class analysis of the flooring industry led him to suddenly change career paths: Unsatisfied with the mediocrity he found, Armani set out to turn the flooring industry upside-down. Lux, meaning "light" in Latin, was created to be the ‘shining light’ in the flooring industry, taking best-in-class practices from the corporate consulting world and applying them to create everyday solutions in the re-flooring process.  Lux rapidly became a local-industry leader and is still the fastest growing floor-covering company in the DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area. 

“The difference between Lux and every other flooring company I’ve used is absolutely unbelievable! 1,000 thumbs up!!!”

Jill A. | interior designer | Reston, VA

The Goal:

Today's job is the only job.  No matter what we have completed, what else we're working on, or what we plan for tomorrow, the core value at Lux is to treat the floor at hand as if it's the only job of importance.  The reason we have grown so fast is because we never forget our client base.  If we didn't perform yesterday or don't do so today, we will not have a name worth standing on tomorrow—and we don't forget that.  Hard work, attention to detail, and true ethics is the most common of "common sense" practice at Lux Flooring Specialists


Those who are familiar with the University of Virginia undoubtedly know the power its very unique honor system holds.  For those who are not, the Honor System at UVA is the simplest yet most powerful notion in both business and everyday life:  In short, it is a code of conduct that holds accountable one's own honor in all decisions made.  It demands that members exercise the highest ethical standards in every single day-to-day decision.  As alumni of The University, Lux leadership works hard to ensure all members of the team follow this strict code of ethics.  We pride ourselves on being the most professional flooring company in the area and our honor code is the cornerstone of our practice.